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Websites and Online Presence

I can create a website just for you according to your specifications. For instance, I can build:
  • Static websites: Content is set when I build the website and does not change.
  • Editable websites: A hidden back-end allows you to change the text, pictures, etc. which visitors see.
  • Completely customized websites: Built from scratch exactly as you like.
  • Websites based on WordPress, etc.: These websites reuse well-tested code and can be customized, but only to a certain extent.
  • Websites which allow visitors to log in to see user-specific information.
  • Websites which interface with your pre-existing databases.
  • New sections and update for your current website.
  • Etc.

I can also build and maintain Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, etc. to help you increase your web presence.

I am well-acquainted with HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, CSS and so on can use all these technologies to build interactive, dynamic websites.

Custom Software

I can provide:
  • Small scripts to help automate repetitive tasks.
  • GUI-based software to interface with back-end processes.
  • Improvements and bug fixes to software you've already had built.
  • Full-scale programs to do whatever you need done! (Managing payroll? Printing invoices? Handwriting recognition? Implementing the new version of Scrabble you've been dreaming about?)

In general, I develop using Perl, Java, MATLAB and C/C++, depending on what the job calls for.

QA Testing, Bug Fixes and Documentation

Have you commissioned software or a website from someone else and been left in the lurch? I can fix up other people's messes by providing:
  • QA testing: I will search for and fix the bugs other developers may have left in your software.
  • Quality control/proofreading: If your website is full of broken links, images that don't work or if ur websight sinply loooks lyke thiz, I can help.
  • Documentation: If you have no idea how to use the unintuitive software someone else dropped in your lap, I can write you clear, comprehensive technical documentation.

By the way: Any software originally commissioned from me will automatically include comprehensive documentation and free (and very apologetic!) bug fixes for a limited time after delivery.

And More...

If you don't see what you're looking for here—or especially if you do!—please feel free to contact me.

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