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Warning! Risqué contents ahead!

Since 2005, I have been responsible for running the website for a local production of the famous Rocky Horror Picture Show. The term "local," though, doesn't do justice to the scale of the show, which is seen by thousands of people every year. Of course, an event this sexy requires a sleek, sexy website to match: RockyHorrorMontreal.com!

If you're visiting the website between November and September, it may seem like a relatively calm place. That's because Halloween is Rocky season. As the date of the show gets closer, things begin to heat up. Often, the event producer will contact me at all hours throughout the month of October to request that various updates be made RIGHT AWAY. To help ensure that new content goes live as quickly as possible, I've carefully designed the PHP code which powers RockyHorrorMontreal.com to allow the site to take care of most of the work for me.

As Halloween gets closer each year, I also find that my job isn't just a technical one. I work with professional photographers, graphic designers, publicists and cast members; respond to inquiries from the public or delegate them as necessary; provide technical support to other members of the Rocky Horror crew; help manage the production's social media presence (Twitter, YouTube, etc.); and, of course, do anything else I can to make sure that the show's website looks as great as the show itself.

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